Over the last week we have been working for a customer who supplies systems for diesel/petrol engine development. The ground flame cut steel profile in the photo is towards the thinner end of what we can offer on thickness with the maximum thickness we can flame cut being 500mm. 

The rail mount base in the photo was flame cut from mild steel to 715mm x 500mm x 15mm then using our rotary lumsden grinders it was ground to 13mm thick.

This was ground on one of our smaller rotary grinders for larger profiles we can grind up to 126″ diameter. For long and thin profiles we would grind these using one of our 3 reciprocating grinders.

In this example our customers did not require any further services but if they had then we could have offered fabrication up to 5 tonnes, normalising or stress relieving. We can also provide a range of testing services such as ultrasonics.

Being one of the largest grinders in the UK and has meant we’ve developed knowledge and experience second to none, so if you need help and advice on what suitable for your requirement please feel free to ask.

If you buy ground flame cut steel profiles, heat treatment or fabrication then get in touch with us for a competitive quote and guidance on what is best for your requirements. Our number is 01905 729 795 and our email is sales@lynroseengineering.co.uk